This training program & progressions guide was designed specifically for the enhancement of Kettlebells: Cardio & Fat Loss for Women DVD.  It enables you to best utilize the 20 pre-set programs, access your current fitness & skill level, plug into the most appropriate program (1-20) & level (1-52), and progress safely & systematically to higher levels.  The idea is to make this a “One-Size-Fits-All” DVD.  Indeed, it is!

Here’s how to use this Training Program & Progressions Guide

1.  Identify the appropriate weight KB for these categories:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy


2.  Examine the “Progressions Guide” & the “20 pre-set programs” to determine what level you are currently working at.


3.  Start at that level & select that program for your 1st workout.

  • Follow the recommended modifications
  • Analyze and move up or down to whichever level you think is best


4.  Progress one level higher either:

  • Each workout
  • Each week


You’ve probably noticed a few things…

First, there are 52 progression levels.  This would safely & systematically transform a novice into an elite athlete in just 52 weeks.  Unfit and sedentary people need to allow their bodies to adapt gradually and everyone benefits from gradual increases.

The “TIME” includes the warm up & cool down, varying between 15 – 32 minutes.  It is purposeful to reduce time when the intensity increases.

A specific goal – such as increased strength, intensity, or duration – is targeted at each level.

This Training Program & Progression Guide was carefully designed and meticulously organized to yield rapid results while adding variety.  Stretch the workouts on the “Cardio” DVD to its limits!

Make the most of it!