What is S.H.O.T.?
SHOT is an acronym for Superior High Output Training – and the way Jeff trains with a shot, it most definitely is just that.  The training benefits are indeed superior, demand a high-output of energy, and offer  numerous carry-over benefits to many sports and professions.  Just as Jeff took the monotony out of high repetition kettlebell training, Jeff transforms an ordinary shot into a multi-plane, multi-dimensional, and multi-sport enhancement tool.

SHOT-2Who should train with shots?

Everybody!!  While reviewing and following the DVD, I began to list the specific sports that these drills would benefit.  The list quickly grew very long.

For those who have been employing Jeff’s “Hand-2-Hand” kettlebell drills, training with a shot will be an easy transition.  You may even find that some of the drills that you were not daring enough to try with a kettlebell, such as – “Over-the-Shoulder” – you may now be able to master with a shot.  Such was the case for me.  For those with an athletic background, training with a shot will come naturally.  Just consider it a HEAVY ball.

Why did Jeff start training with a shot?
You may be wondering why a kettlebell expert and innovator would train with anything else
SHOT-5besides a kettlebell.  While training with kettlebells was and still is certainly a major part of his training regime, Jeff had planned on implementing training with shots for one main reason:  it would fit in a rucksack a whole lot easier than a kettlebell.  Jeff is always thinking about the men he trains.  He’s always seeking to make equipment more accessible, transportable, and versatile.  Also, one can build velocity faster using a shot, than with a kettlebell.  The carryover benefits to fighting applications are huge.

When did Jeff start training with a shot?
One summer, while touring the Northeast teaching kettlebell seminars, we spent a couple days with Anthony DiLuglio, the owner of Punch Kettlebell Gym.  As I had described in a previous article, Punch is a unique and intriguing training facility.  In it, you’ll find that anything and everything becomes a piece of equipment.  Among the collection, were shots.  Anthony gave Jeff one; I thought nothing of it . . . until a couple days later . . .

The ordinary becomes extraordinary!
So here we are in yet another cramped hotel room –trying to get ready to teach another seminar.  I am starting out the day with joint mobility; Jeff is doing the same.  Now I need to jump in the shower, but Jeff is in one of his “creative” moods.  “Hey, look what I can do with this shot!”  And just as he created the “Hand-2-Hand” kettlebell drills, the S.H.O.T. drills evolved before my eyes.  I was amazed at how quick he could come up with drills that continuously and seamlessly flowed – one after another.  By watching him, one would think he’d been training in that manner for quite a while.  We both knew SHOT was to be the next direction to explore.

What are the benefits of training with a shot?

  • Develop exceptional core strength and explosive rotational power
  • Dramatically increase hand speed & hand-to-eye coordination
  • Build amazing strength, stamina, and agility
  • Rapidly improve “first step” quickness and lateral foot speed
  • Improve balance and cross-innervation coordination
  • Forge forearm and finger strength
  • Drastically enhance your sport or job performance
  • It is an inexpensive training tool
  • It is easy to pack and transport
  • It is extremely user-friendly and natural feeling
  • It is fun!

With what weight should the average man or woman start?SHOT-6

Men:  12-14 lbs (16-20 lbs. if getting a second shot)
Women:  6-8 (10-12 lbs. if getting a second shot)

How many shots will the average person need?
While one can certainly train with just one shot, we recommend building up to a set of “Light”, “Medium”, and “Heavy” shots.  Some drills are harder than others.

What type of shots does Jeff recommend?

Jeff recommends the iron shots, as he used in the DVD.  He also recommends rubber coated shots.  These may be a wise choice for those training in indoor facilities.  Rubber coated shots have unique benefits.  Both types are available on our website.

Will there be a SHOT II ?
Most definitely!!!  S.H.O.T. II: Rotational Power Generation is now available in DVD and iPod format. Check it out in our webstore here.