p1010048Although Jeff is more accustomed to slinging around kettlebells in open fields in para-military environments, he agreed to present in a different type of venue at the American Fitness Professionals & Associates’ conference at Ocean City, MD, May 6-8, 2005. He had no idea he’d enjoy the weekend as much as he did!

We met so many hard-working, enthusiastic, and dedicated fitness professionals – who gave it “their all”. Many had never picked up a kettlebell before; some had never heard of them . . . none knew so much could be done with a single kettlebell!

p1010050Strength & conditioning coaches, sports team coaches, personal trainers, aerobics instructors, and fitness professionals all came open-minded and eager to learn old-time and foreign strength training techniques.

In “Kettlebells for Cardio & Fat Loss” the attendees learned basic kettlebell drills that lend themselves perfectly to high-repetition routines. They partook in and learned how to choreograph brief, intense, easy-to-follow, and effective aerobic & anaerobic routines. They discovered the “short cut” to fat loss!

p1010049In “Kettlebells for Strength” they experienced the “World’s #1 Handheld Gym”. They were pleased to increase their grip strength, discover the benefits behind “Power Breathing”, and experience significant strength gains in just two hours.

“Kettlebells: Core & More” was surprisingly and drastically different from what they anticipated. They learned strenuous, yet extremely effective, exercises that strengthen more than just the abdominals – the entire core! As Pavel Tsatsouline declares, “It’s ‘Beyond CrunchesTM’!”

Although far above the beginner’s level of kettlebell drills, Jeff presented one of his most popular workshops: “Hand-2-Hand Kettlebell Drills”. I never saw such effort and determination as during that 2-hour workshop. Tired and sore after two days of training, the participants continued to swing and flip their kettlebells – willing to execute every rep! Hats off to those who attended and endured to the end!

p1010088 p1010090 p1010087

With 35 – 70 fitness professionals attending each of our four workshops, Jeff was glad to have the assistance of Mike Krivka, RKC and Maureen Martone, RKC – also certified instructors who trained under Pavel Tsatsouline, the “Evil Russian” himself!

Requested by popular demand, Jeff finished off each workshop with his awesome demonstration of “Hand-to-Hand” free-flow routines. Jeff was not the only one who inspired and intrigued attendees with creative and unique strength techniques. Mike demonstrated that just when you think you’ve learned all the kettlebell strength lifts – STOP! Look . . . there’s more! Kettlebells meet the “Indo BoardTM”. To watch Mike squat with two 53 lb. kettlebells over head while balancing on the Indo Board was amazing. His upbeat personality, energy, passion for training, and excellent verbal cueing added quality and precision to each workshop.

p1010099After enduring a difficult and discouraging year of pain due to multiple injuries from a car accident, I was thankful for enough stabilization of the spine and tissue healing to start “back to work”. While not nearly as strong as a year ago, I was thrilled to be teaching, demonstrating, and yes – even flipping a kettlebell! It felt good to get “back in the game” and train such diligent and appreciative people.

Who was manning the Tactical Athlete booth while the three RKC’s were teaching workshops? Grandma Rosemary, Kristina, and Michael Martone – that’s who. Yes, it was a family affair! Why not mix a little business with pleasure? Kristina & Michael, having been trained in kettlebell basics by Jeff and me, were ready and able to fill the void. We sure appreciated their assistance!

A fun attraction at the “Tactical Athlete” booth, was Jeff’s “88 lb. Pull-Up Challenge”. One man succeeded with this strenuous feat not once, but twice – and almost for a third continuous rep. Two women succeeded with the “12 kg./26 lb. Pull-up Challenge”. Interviews and photos of these strong athletes will be coming soon on the TATS website. For those who were hungry for more, we also trained and demonstrated the versatility of the TAPS unit, Tactical rings, and Tactical Grips.

p1010061 p1010014 p1010015

Training for three days at the AFPA conference was not enough for the “die-hard” Tactical Athlete gang. So . . . to the beach we went! Why not? When’s the next time we’ll be back to the beautiful beaches of Ocean City? Everyone, with the exception of Grandma Rosemary, was swinging a kettlebell. What better place to practice “Hand-2-Hand” drills than over a sandy beach!

In addition to the four workshops we presented at the AFPA conference: “Kettlebells for Cardio & Fat Loss”, “Kettlebells for Strength”, “Kettlebells: Core & More”, and “Hand-2-Hand Kettlebell Drills”, Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc. offers: 1 day seminars, 2-4 day comprehensive courses, custom courses, as well as small group and personal training. Jeff and Maureen travel all over, and sometimes very impromptu, so be sure to frequent our seminar webpage that will be updated 1-2 times per month.

If you are in the Washington, DC area, seek out Mike Krivka, RKC @ shugendo@hotmail.com or www.martialartskoncepts.com. He’s one of the best – so don’t miss out on his local seminars!

. . . and, as my husband says,

“Train Hard & Stay Safe!”

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