Reflections of a Grateful Mom

I was among the multitude of grateful moms who were blessed by their children yesterday on Mother’s Day.  As a home-school mom, who recently graduated the last of our “flock,” I wasn’t sure if Mother’s Day would feel as special this year as when the kids were young.  With overwhelming joy and tears of sentiment, I can tell you that this year was even more rewarding and meaningful than the many wonderful previous Mother’s Day celebrations!

Decades ago, when Jeff & I were young parents of babies, we committed to try to minimize commercialism that infiltrated every holiday.  Through the years, we spent hours making crafts, sewing costumes, painting masterpieces, baking wholesome goodies from scratch, and artistically creating cards that reflected the personality of the recipient.  Since then… the kids got older and now we find ourselves in the “nano-second, techno-world” where TIME is a precious commodity.

This year, my son and daughter honored me in a different way:  from an adult’s perspective.  They took the time to reflect about both the little and big things… on the ways that I had invested in them, taught them how to endure, instilled in them a strong work ethic, sacrificed for them, walked along side them through life’s tough trials, and – this one makes me cry – that I demonstrated to them God’s unconditional love.  Wow!  Could there be any greater reward?!!

For all you weary moms out there, let me encourage you:  YOU do make a difference!  Keep on investing in your children, who are among God’s greatest gifts!  The day will soon come, when your children look at life through the eyes of an adult and share with you how they now see the wisdom of your parenting decisions & appreciate all that your are to them.

Our former “parent-child” relationship has transformed into a precious & priceless adult friendship.  I couldn’t be more grateful!

May God bless you as you serve Him by ministering to those He has entrusted to your care!