maureen1Why would a woman ever be interested in a product called Power Behind the Punch: Kettlebell Conditioning for Boxers? What in the world do women have in common with any kind a fighter, let alone boxers? Nothing, you may say. I think differently.

Women (and men) often come up to our product display table and ask what product I recommend for them. I have never failed to shock a woman yet, when I answer: “Power Behind the Punch”. Of course, I go on to explain my reasoning.

Now don’t get me wrong – I recommend several other products. However, when trainers and athletes have just attended a kettlebell strength class, another class on kettlebell stamina, toyed with Hand-2-Hand Kettlebell Drills, experimented with theTactical Athlete Pull-up System, and so on – they are excited, eager, dedicated to learn more – yet are utterly overwhelmed! They quickly discover there is a whole lot more to proper kettlebell training, than they ever realized.

After I describe the uniqueness of each of Pavel’s products, they feel torn between which product to buy. They want to learn the high tension concepts in Power to the People and The Naked Warrior. For learning kettlebell techniques, women want From Russia with Tough Love; men want The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Since everyone covets Pavel’s “Bullet-Proof” abs, his resources on abdominal training is on their wish list too. After dabbling with a little “Hand-2-Hand”, they usually want to pick up some of Jeff’s H2H dvds. “Which one – if I can only get one today?” – is the decision with which they struggle.

Power Behind the Punch – is my answer. Power Behind the Punch has incorporated some each of these training concepts. Why? Steve Baccari (RKC, co-author of PBP, and boxing coach) has meticulously chosen and scientifically tested every concept, every exercise, and each program included on this training video. If his fighter didn’t hit harder or faster after about a two-week training period, out went the drill. If the training caused injury, muscle soreness (which would slow his fighter’s speed), or increased their weight, then out went the drill. You see, if the exercise or training didn’t improve his fighter’s speed, power, or stamina, then he deemed it worthless for their individualized training program.
maureenSo what does that have to do with women’s fitness or athletic goals? A lot. Like boxers, women don’t want to gain mass or weight.  They despise feeling “big & bulky”; they desire lean bodies. Women are often plagued with carpal tunnel syndrome. Women want to weight train, not only to offset the effects of osteoporosis, but also to become (and stay) functionally fit. Short on time from balancing many jobs, rolls, and responsibilities, women don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their fitness programs. Efficient and effective programs are what they desire. They also tend to like more variety in their training program than men, yet need someone to help guide them.

I believe Power Behind the Punch has what women need. It is an excellent training product that covers many disciplines. Basic high-tension concepts and power breathing are clearly taught. Core strength training and grip training are fully explored. Both interval and circuit training are demonstrated. Basic “Hand-2-Hand” Kettlebell drills are taught. The program design for fighters is an added bonus. Simply stated: it’s value packed!

If you are a guy and feel a little left out of this conversation here, don’t. My recommendation for fit and unfit men alike – as well as youth- is still the same. Power Behind the Punch is for everyone! Most men have a quick learning curve and smooth transition in training techniques/programs simply because of their experience with lifting free-weights. If you don’t have a supply of different sized kettlebells, don’t despair. Many exercises are also demonstrated using dumbbells. (We’ve even heard of a people executing “Hand-2-Hand” kettlebell drills using dumbbells.) If you had to choose one training dvd that encompasses all the training concepts we teach here at Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc. — Power Behind the Punch is it!

Time is precious, so make the most of it. Learn how to train safely, effectively, efficiently, and have plenty of energy left over for your sport, job, and family.

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