It was the theme of last month – NEW!  There’s something about that simple, little word that intrigues us.  Why it even brings a smile to our face . . . new clothes, a new hair style, a new book, a new recipe, a new friend . . . NEW!  As with every passing New Year’s celebration, people re-evaluate their lives, their schedule, their health, their goals, their priorities . . . and make a new resolution to improve.  Have you?  Perhaps you are convicted about improving your health, but lack time or the motivation to start.  Does the thought of planning your own training program exhaust you?  It need not be that difficult.  If you are a busy person like me, then you will love this new training concept.

Over the passed few years, there has been an increasing focus on fat loss.  Yet, we have become the most obese nation in the world.  It seems that everyone under the sun has a dietary or training recommendation for it.   I have found high-intensity, short duration, interval training extremely effective to facilitate and accelerate fat loss.   Many of you may already be familiar with what is referred as the “Tabata Protocol”.  Several well-documented studies declare that high-intensity interval training, indeed, accelerate fat burning effects.  More specifically, it increases the level of VO 2 max, sky-rockets anaerobic capacity, stimulates better fat utilization (one study boasts:  9x greater!), and causes an increase in the number of calories burned during the post-workout state.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

After incurring multiple spinal injuries from a car accident, I was restricted from most all former modes of training during the year of rehabilitation.  I found myself directionless and constantly had to come up with training plans to improved core strength, muscle balance, and flexibility – but yet not be too strenuous as to aggravate my injuries.  I did very little cardio that year, which was torture for this “cardio addict”.  In order to “squeak” a little cardio in, I began implementing the 4-minute Tabata protocol with an elliptical machine.  This sufficed for the time and need.  However, it was not until months later that I was able to put this high-intensity interval training to the real test.

One year post-accident, I had finally resumed enough spinal stability to begin strength
photos-from-renate-053training.  Never in my life had I been so atrophied.  As my physical strength waned, so did my confidence.  However, I still hung on to the plans to film the DVDs scheduled the previous year that the car accident delayed.  With this big goal in mind, I desperately sought the safest, most expedient route to re-build both strength and cardiovascular endurance.  I decided to incorporate the use of kettlebells (my all-time favorite implement) into this high-intensity interval training.  I was amazed by the rate of progress!  So much so – that I decided to experiment further.  I initially considered interval training as a “stepping stone”, but discovered it must remain a major part of my training.  The immediate, noticeable, and measurable training effects could not be denied.

Resolute and enthusiastic, I immediately revised the plans for one of my original DVDs.  Kettlebells: Interval Training for Women became the second DVD in the “Busy Woman’s Workout” series.  There is nothing quite like it on the market; it is unique in so many ways.

Imagine a DVD that never plays the same training routine twice.  Inconceivable?  No.  With the awesome random shuffle feature, you will never get the exact same workout – not even twice!  It is truly random, which makes it not only exciting but effective.  This effectually remedies mundane, stale training routines.  The best part is that you get a fresh, new workout everyday without spending lots of time planning.  All you need to do is select the following:

1. Choose the level of technical difficulty:interval


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • H2H
  • Lower Body Emphasis
  • Wild Card!

2. Choose the duration:

  • 4 minutes
  • 8 minutes
  • 12 minutes
  • 3. Choose to add a “Warm Up” & “Cool Down”

If you have experienced “Fit Deck” workouts, then you have a good idea how this DVD operates.  I could expound upon the program design options and my recommendations for pages, but I must move on . . .

The “Library of Kettlebell Exercises” will prove to be a very resourceful reference.  Not only will the list aid you when selecting the appropriate level of technical difficulty, but it can also be used as a checklist for planning to learn new lifts and drills.  Furthermore, it can stimulate your program design ideas for strength training.







Is this DVD for women only?  NO!!  Interval training is for everyone!  These short, intense, easy-to-follow routines are ideal for anyone who seeks maximum results in minimal time.  They can serve as “stand alone” routines for strength and stamina or as the perfect finisher to strength training.  They are the solution to program design worries and the catalyst for burning “stubborn” fat.  They can even be modified and safely implemented for novices, seniors, and post-partum mothers.  All you need is 4 – 12 minutes and the drive to achieve.

This DVD, Kettlebells:  Interval Training for Women, and additional products that support and expand this training are available  May my recovery inspire you and experience guide you in your quest to improve the functional strength, fitness level, and vigor you desire to regain or acquire.

Wishing you success in achieving your New Year’s resolution,

Maureen Martone, RKC