Got 6-minutes, 2-kettlebells of the same size, and a timer?  That’s all you need to get the job done!

Brief, strenuous, interval training is the catalyst for burning “stubborn” fat.  With special emphasis on the lower body, this total-body “burst” training rapidly  builds strength & stamina.

Is it a beautiful day?  “Farmer’s Walk” your 2-KB’s outside & enjoy the fresh air!

Recommended KB sizes:

Ladies:             2 –   8 kg.

Ladies/Men:    2 – 12 kg.

Men:                  2 – 16 kg.

Interval Training:

Work:   20 seconds

Rest:     10 seconds

Total:     6 minutes

Kettlebell Exercises:

1.  Front Squat

2.  Double Jerk

3.  Reverse Lunge

4.  Double Clean

5.  Front Lunge

6.  Double Clean & Jerk

7.  Thruster

8.  Alternating Double Jerk

9.  Reverse Lunge

10.  Alternating Double Cleans

11.  Front Lunge

12.  Double Clean & Jerk

Was that long enough?  If not, cycle through a 2nd round for a total of 12 minutes.  Want to increase the intensity?  Modify the work/rest time:  increase your work time to 25 seconds & decrease your rest time to 5 seconds.

For more 6-minute interval training routines, check out the 3rd DVD in the “Busy Woman’s Workout” series.