Got 4-6 minutes?  … a couple of KB’s?  … a little fat to burn?  Want to increase both strength & stamina in minimal time?  Then you’re ready for interval training to boost your fitness levels & incinerate your fat – FAST!

The accelerated fat-burning rate post-workout, in addition to the great training effects produced during the interval workout itself, is what compels coaches & athletes to incorporate short, strenuous, interval-training routines into their programs.  This data was the catalyst for two of my DVD’s in the “Busy Woman’s Workout” series.  I’m all for efficiency!

For interval training to be effective, you need to work at an “All-Out” 100% max effort during each 20-second “work” interval.  If you have achieved this intensity, the 10 seconds of “rest” will feel like merely 4 seconds.  Realistically, 4 seconds is about all you’ll get!  By the time you safely return the KB’s to the floor, move to the next station of KBs, and finally grip, properly position the KBs & reset your posture – it’s time to SPRINT again!

If you work strenuously, entering into anaerobic state during the “work” interval, then the workout can be a short as 4 minutes. If you are not working intensely enough, try one or more of these modifications:

  1. Lift a heavier kettlebell.
  2. Increase the # reps performed in 20 seconds by using more dynamic power.
  3. Convert to an advanced version of the exercise.

The unique, random-shuffling feature of Kettlebells: Interval Training for Women puts this DVD in a league of its own!  With 3 clicks on your remote, the random selection custom designs a brand new routine every workout – pulling from the “Exercise Library” containing 78 kettlebell exercises.  All you have to do is select the duration and the skill level. You’ll never get the same workout twice!

Whether interval training concludes your skill session or is the main portion of your workout, you will surely feel your metabolism “spike” and see your body composition transform.  Just 4 minutes… no excuses!