“Thank you for calling Camp Discipline -, where you achieve your goals!”, co-owner Michelle Andrews answers the phone at Camp Discipline.  Yes, indeed – goals are set, encouraged, and achieved by the hard-working, dedicated clients of Camp Discipline.
cd10Just how dedicated are the zealous clients at Camp Discipline?   Dedicated enough to train without air conditioning in 95 degree extremely humid conditions – and loving it!  Dedicated enough to endure Real’s two-hour “Torture” class – without a complaint!  Dedicated enough to take time off work to attend a Kettlebell seminar on a weekday.  It was an inspiring atmosphere.

“110% – No Less!!”  is not a meaningless slogan or an occasional encouragement.  It is a rule and a reality at Camp Discipline.  You may be thinking, I wouldn’t want to train in a place with such stringent requirements.  Oh yes, you would!   The discipline is delightfully balanced with motivation, encouragement, and support.

A two-story tall USA flag is the backdrop of the second studio.  “United We Stand – 9/11/01” is the caption.  Every where I turned (including the ladies room), I saw motivating posters:  “Goals – Focus – Respect” and “Determination – Discipline – Dedication – Desire – Drive”.  Inspiring banners read:  “How many lives can you change today?”, “Be confident; Stay humble”, and “There’s no such word as CAN’T!”   These principles are demonstrated, encouraged and taught by Real and Michelle Andrews.   They care about their clients and do all they can to help them “achieve their goals”.

cd09Jeff and I had a very busy, tight schedule during our tour through the Northeast.   The only day we had off was the day after the kettlebell seminars at Camp Discipline.   Real invited us to hang around and check out the “Torture” class.  Suffice it to say “Torture” is the appropriate name for this class.

Watching Real teach in his gym is like watching a kid in a toy store!   Everything becomes an instrument of “torture” – I mean an apparatus!   No boring routines taught at Camp Discipline.   Adventure, fun, and extreme functional fitness are the rewards for those who endure.   Let me take you there . . .

I slip through the back door and see a row of 18 hard-core, hard-working individuals spinning – already sweating buckets.   It is so humid, they can barely drink enough to match the output.    Not a complaint . . . and they have just begun the two-hour class.  After spinning comes a whole host of training events:  pull up circuits, kettlebell lifts, running, calisthenics, relays, and other team building strength feats.  Be convinced – nothing ordinary here!

cd35-01 cd43-01

Oh, the list of events were too numerous to recount.   All demanding, odd, but fun.   The wonderful benefit of the “Torture” class was the functional strength developed.

“How can I declare that?”, you may be thinking.  I know that because we trained them at our two kettlebell workshops:  “Kettlebells for Strength” & “Kettlebells for Stamina” the day before.  I was quite impressed with the cheerful attentiveness, effort, and functional strength the clients had.  They were well-trained, caught on quickly, and could lift respectable weights on their first time using kettlebells.  They could see the value of proper strength training methods and were immediately able to apply them to their existing routines.   They had a hunger and thirst for training that every trainer desires in a client.  Kettlebells have become the new “toy” at Camp Discipline.

The gym is one of the most creative and well-thought I have seen.  While Real is either personal training clients, or running his own classes in the second studio, Michelle is teaching Tae Bo or other classes in the main studio.  Michelle, who is expecting her third child this Fall, is the most fit pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.  She joined in for the last part of the kettlebell workshops – after teaching 3 hours of Tae-Bo non-stop!  Real and Michelle are quite a pair!  They truly lead by example.

cd13-01I could ramble on and on about our wonderful time at Camp Discipline, but I won’t.  You may view more photos taken at Camp Discipline on our Photo Gallery or visit  www.campdiscipline.com.  We were hoping to offer more Kettlebell workshops at Camp Discipline this September, but it has been post-poned.  For those of you reading this living in the vicinity of Connecticut, who would like to attend one of our workshops hosted at Camp Discipline, be sure to frequent our seminar page for dates and be forewarned:  the enthusiasts at Camp Discipline filled the class in two days!  Register early, or you may not get in!

As they say at Camp Discipline:  “Dream It – Believe It – Achieve it – Bring It – Remember It”!